It's due.

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A payment was due and one was not quite ready for it.

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good evening. I was now is not expecting company in the system. Do not close the door. The bill is coming due a We of course. I, uh What the **** are possible to know? Not again. Your rent has been due for three weeks. Andi, I am very apologetic of that. But unfortunately since I am warning you any longer and I will throw you out, I let me finish. I will throw you out of the window. Is that is a very funny joke. It is not a joke. I've had multiple policemen coming to my office because of complaints against you. And I have to pay fines which you have yet Dorian birth. I've had more than enough Pleasence here. Just a few more days I will have the went. But I cannot lose my home at this time. Fine. Only three more days. If you have not dropped me rent, I will not be happy. And neither will you, Messi. Thank you. Have a pleasant evening. No, you know, use this place like now. Dumped dumb was your Your schemes were put me in the worst possible place and I would bring you there as well