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This is a launch commercial for a tech company, where the voice over tone needed to be light and endearing, but still informative and confident.

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early 2020 the pandemic begins and the world locks down offices. Close work forces are sent home and millions of office workers become remote workers overnight skip forward and the pandemic is receding. But remote work is here to stay 31% of the global workforce or remote workers, that's one billion people. And by the end of 2022 52% of U. K. Workers will be remote. But remote work comes with challenges. It's at the mercy of unsecured connections, unreliable broadband power outages from storms all conspiring to turn remote work into a liability Companies needed a solution which is why we built the Rez Cube, a remote working resilient solution in a small box providing uninterruptible power and a reliable 4G connection which kicks in when a remote workers connection drops easy to use with automated triggers that solve connectivity problems before users know they exist. The Rescue enables businesses to centrally manage their remote workforces, connections, keeping them free of technical issues and their productivity up. Even when they're home connection goes down, here's how it works. The Rescue is an enterprise grade fail back router with resilient four G Internet in one discrete box that plugs into any home power socket, it has an uninterruptible power supply with two sockets that can power the router and your critical devices. If home power problems arise, it offers a highly secure ap in connection with an M two M sim, which forces enterprise grade security as soon as the Rescues four G connection kicks in the rescue Central management dashboard lets organizations manage devices and access ongoing support for both day to day productivity and mission critical work Whenever it's needed, nontechnical users can set up and benefit from enterprise level resilience in just a few easy steps, an elegant solution in one simple cube Rescue plug in. Never drop out.