Medical Narration: A Variety of Spots focusing on medicine and science

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Honest, sincere, caring voice focusing on various medical and science

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pancreatic ado den ectomy P. D. Often involves risk of pancreatic in a systematic leakage. To perform a safe and reliable pancreatic oh enteric anastomosis with minimal leakage. Most surgeons rely on binding pancreatic oh joe Jonas. To be also known as whipple's procedure. The museum has a vast collection of medical instruments, from the smallest suture needle to a massive iron lung. Some of these tools represent important milestones in the history of medicine, such as the carbolic spray apparatus invented by Sir joseph Lister, the father of modern antiseptics. To decompress the deep flexor compartment, lift the soul liest muscle off the inter muscular septum and divide the septum under direct vision. Taking care to avoid the posterior neurovascular bundle which lies just beneath it. In 1986 alexander Paterson and Joel cooper performed the first successful double lung transplant in a 42 year old Toronto, woman with emphysema secondary to alpha anti trips and deficiency. The vagus nerve represents the nerve of the fourth and subsequent branco arches. Cogley from the ganglion in furious it descends along the internal carotid artery and the common carotid artery and arrives in the media steinem via the superior thoracic aperture.