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New York City is a special place for many of us, with nine million residents and four million daily commuters. It it's a place with amazing wealth and resource is filled with people like you and me who want to make a difference. Using those resource is, but sometimes we simply can't give back as much as we want. But we started thinking, What if there was a simple way for our resource is toe work and continue to work not just once, but perpetually so. We created P s, a revolutionary and delicious eatery in midtown Manhattan where people can come together to celebrate positive change in the world. Oh, and P. S. It dramatically enhances your impact dollar for dollar. Meet the Swain's and talk. This handsome, athletic fellow loves wide open spaces where he can hunt rodents, romances made and socialize with his neighbors. But his cropland habitat is changing, and he's having a hard time adjusting. See. Each spring, he and his maid come home to the same nest site, but more and more often they return for migration to find it gone. Instead, they find orchards or a subdivision, which, to the Swenson's hawk might as well be the same thing there no fields for foraging, no head rose for hunting or tree groves for nesting. In fact, the acreage he Rome can't support him now. Did you know that there's a secret world out there that most of the world's great artist share? One threat among the world's great artists is the depth of their drawing skills. The drawing is the foundation of all painting. The artist with exquisite drawing skills, possessed something rarely found among artists skill and packs, the quality of every masterwork they create and differentiates them from the pack. How would your are change if you have the ability to transcend mere drawing and move to a level few artists of regime? How would such drawing skills impact your paintings and your self confidence so you can learn to drive any local school and from any local artists? Why is it that some artists travelled to distant lands to study under the right masters? Why is it that these students become masters themselves? The answer lies in the technique and the training itself. It's why some artists are phenomenal. But what if you're not in a position to spend tens of thousands of dollars upwards your life and spend years of your life studying. Under the greatest of living masters and the all new secrets of figure drawing video, Cesar Santos has created what may be his lifetime opens a drawing core so detailed, so extensive and so exact that Cesar Santos spent months in preparation in order to break down the system passed down from generations of masters.