John Iadipaolo Demo Reel 2021

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Includes sample Narration, Podcast Intro and Commercial

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John. I'd Apollo narration. Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom surrounded by a vast valley, there lived a young Squire who dreamed of becoming a night. Every day the Squire carried out his daily duties, patiently awaiting the day he could prove his worth and pass into knighthood. Podcast intro What's up, guys? Welcome back to gold spotters. The pod all about cutting your teeth and getting noticed in the music biz. Today we're taking an in depth look at crafting original cover art that captures both the vibe of your track and who you are as an artist. Plus, I'll teach you how to create a looping visual to enliven your image on streaming platforms. INTERNET AD What do your mornings look like? What do they sound like? The mashup is a voice activated blender that lists off smoothie ingredients so you can kick start your day with a nutritious burst of flavor. When you're ready, just ask you to mash up. Now what do your mornings taste like?