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This demo contains two excerpts from the audiobook \"Sex, Drugs, DJ\", as well as clips from the now defunct Joman Show on KUHS Denver.

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Hi, I'm Jo Man of the Joe Man Show here on K. U. H s Denver Joe Man Show and K. U H s are sponsored in part by our friends Bluebird Botanicals. Bluebird believes that everyone of every demographic deserves the opportunity to take their health and wellness back into their own hands. If you're not familiar with CBD oil, it's a nutritional supplement made from hemp that's been sweeping the nation. Bluebird Botanicals was one of the first companies to start selling this amazing product back in 2013, and since then they've become one of the leaders of the hemp extract industry. In fact, just last year they won the award for the number one hemp CBD company by the critically acclaimed publication The Cannabis Bluebird Botanicals. Success is largely due to the passion and care they feel for the industry, their customers and the world. They support pro cannabis legislation at the state national level and are always working to reduce their carbon footprint to lead us to a greener world, literally and figuratively. Bluebird genuinely believes in the benefits that Hempton bring to you, and they've made it their mission to get it into your hands anyway. They can, which is why they offer substantial assistance discounts to veterans, those with long term disabilities and folks who live below the poverty line. Give them a ring at 7 to 07265132 Again, that's 7 to 07265132 Or visit them on the Web at by bluebird dot com. That's bu y bluebird dot com. They're happy to answer any questions you might have, and you never have to worry about pitches or pressuring salespeople. Once more, you can contact Bluebird at 7 to 07265132 or online at by bluebird dot com. Thistles Joe Man of the Joe Man Show here on K U H s Denver and you can catch us every Sunday from 6 to 8 p.m. Mountain Standard time at K. U. H s denver dot com For the three hours I played the sub static intrigue stuff tracks one might expect to hear in Berlin. But I also hit people with some heavy stuff like endpoint from Jeff Samuels. The rolling baseline went on for seven minutes, hummed off the speakers and almost lulled the crowd to sleep as they shuffled in place, Exhausted and ready to enjoy the rest of my night, I jumped down to the floor, made my way to the bar and waved to the bartender. She saw me coming and tossed a beer in my direction. Feeling happy about my performance. I was free to sit back and people watch as delicious techno graced my ears. What's up, everybody? You're tuned into the Joe Man Show on K. U H s Denver. Currently the number one trending show here, a k u h s. And tonight we're gonna be talking with Betty Field. Uh, she's a woman running for Congress in Congressional District five in Colorado Springs. Thank you for joining us, Betty. Well, thank you for having me. It's an absolute pleasure. Now, before we dive into, uh, your politics and your platform and stuff like that, I did want to talk about some some current breaking news