Some Of My Voices From My Improvised Dubs

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I do improvised dubs on Mechanic Gopher @ YouTube. These are audio versions of some of my scenes demonstrating my different voices.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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No, no, no, no, After me. But after the for the murder of your monster, we gotta get the reality star J posture. Let's go. Do or heck and job Got it. Or vice bine my body. You know, Captain America, it's a little ironic, but, uh, I'm not feeling so well. Nine. How feels. And it don't feel so good while you're Loki. Pretty ugly. Get it? Got him. Okay, I'm gonna go get a drink at the bar cause I'm an alcoholic. Probably wondering how I ended up in the circumstance. So have died. Where do we do now? We work on resurrection stuff. You get it shielded. Work out. If they brought Collison back, bring me back. Come on, guys. We could also got time drivel. Now I don't want to stay dead. Ah! Uh ah! What's up? It's me, Black Panther. Hey, was that Mac livin? Whoa! I can't believe it. Huh? Oh, my God. Is Thomas Danson not my dentist? What? Pass driver? My uncle No, Lead Lloyd. My my Fill out. My philanthropist Scott Leg. Who's at it? Oh, wait, it's me. That's right. I killed you your day forever. Now you dues out some of the people products on the side. Remember the two side business? It's one of the best ones. It's so soft. I don't I don't use it personally. I use a use Iron Man's brand. But you know, people say it's naive is Hey, the potions get really bad down, sir, I can't help it grew. It's the potion. It's affecting me toe bad. I'm gonna have to kill myself to stop. It grew, but first we gotta save those girls views.