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I voiced the trailer for Affinity, a role playing game.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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From the creator of ultramodern five amethyst, narrow, space to and Apex comes affinity, representing a bold new approach to tabletop role playing. Affinity is not a single setting but three distinct worlds with a different mix of magic and technology but sharing similar themes, names and even a common menace. Players can select one world. Our shift between all three affinity is a universe of mature themes and complex narratives, with the hope it will stand on its own. Not only is an enjoyable tabletop game but also as an engaging reading experience in Paradise. Players experience a semi traditional fantasy adventure while residing within a fantastical mega structure. Planets within the known universe are tethered to one another, save for one where the godlike ages look upon the 12 kingdoms below, tweaking and adjusting the political atmosphere as they see fit. The ages are the only ones permitted to operate technology, forbidding its use by those below. Yeah, in canIs toga, players find themselves abandoned in a massive spacecraft thousands of miles across, employing powered armor and emerging individuals possessing psionic abilities. Surviving tribes of humans and aliens battle for control over resources, and the remaining hidden technology still residing deep within the vast alien vessel. In tourists named after the world's unique ring shape, players explore the steampunk inspired, post apocalyptic ruins of a fallen empire centuries after an ecological disaster. Only a dozen city states remain reliant on unique, steam based technology, with the only means of transportation between them involving hundreds of thousands of train tracks left over from a forgotten time. Each book of affinity contains unique and exciting mechanics compatible with fifth Edition rules. These appear in the form of new races, classes, backgrounds, weapons, armored vehicles, spells, magic items, monsters and more. All three volumes of affinity will include new illustrations by Hugo nominated artist Nick Greenwood. Explicitly designed to fit this sets unique theme and presentation. This collection includes everything needed to start your journey, explore any of the included settings or bring the rules you love into your own campaign. Are crowdfunding Campaign hopes to fund both monochrome and full color edition of affinity, the latter of which being available as an exclusive three book box. Set Stretch goals will include more rules and illustrations and increase the overall quality of the physical production back and support affinity today.