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Jordan uses his deep yet diverse voice to bring life to your company message! Perfect for the excitement of Marvel's Spiderman or the calm of Green Mountain Coffee, whatever your company needs, Jordan can provide it.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Senior (55+)


British (England - Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire) British (England - South East - Oxford, Sussex) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) Scottish (General)


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the boldest, most refined automotive technology on the market, is now at your command, with the all new 2021 Nissan versa, Nissan go beyond you, found the one now find the gift that says You're everything to me. Only at sales. Last week I tried to make lobster thermidor, but I couldn't bear to boil the poor little guy alive. That's why I've decided to let hello, fresh plan my meals for me and why Larry here is my new best friend. Yes, he is. Yes, he can get up to 75% off name brands like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein only at men's warehouse. Additional charges may apply. See store website for more details. Green Mountain coffee beans are ethically sourced straight from the heart of Honduras. For a cup as fresh as the clean mountain air, choose Green Mountain Marvel. Spiderman is coming out swinging today. Take on Super Meqdad **** in his army of mischievous metal monsters with four motion activated spiderverse figures, take back New York is everyone's favourite Web slinger. Each sold separately. Batteries not included with the harmonies brand new video chat feature. You'll get to experience moments up close and personal, take a leap and see what happens next