Joshua Baldwin - Character Demo



Suspenseful, hero, protagonist, video games, cute, funny, nerdy, young, youthful, teen.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Teen (13-17)


North American (General)


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How are we supposed to say? Pendergrass from ultimate Doom? Avoid getting eaten by goblins and make it through detention without chase Brockett trying to beat us up. Fox Den. This is Fox Alpha. Target is in sight and weapons are hot. Hello? I'm chef hardy and I need your help. I'm supposed to bake a cake for the birthday party, but I can't find my cookbook or ingredients. Yeah, There it is. My secret to ultimate victory. I'll be able to use the exit lines and cut across the woods in under 10 minutes am I is the only one who's still warm? If I can get her to a doctor, she might survive. Gotta hurry. One single drop of water has no power or strength, but a flood of water can cause great pain. Welcome to my storm of retribution. You've done well hunter with the additions of the fire hydra and the ice dragon to his collection. You've made our patron most pleased. We might be three meditating gecko's, but at least we keep it interesting around here.