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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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we learned many new things today and had so much fun. Now let's read a book, Go out and play and be kind of someone join us back here tomorrow for even more learning and fun. Do not underestimate me. If you destroyed him then I will avenge his death. Oh I am so excited today. We're having a royal ball at the castle and since it's my 16th birthday I get to go for the very first time. You must go on without me. Take the stone, you must end this. We're all counting on you. I'm working on a new nav app that triangulate someone's position based on the relative distance between their current location and the corresponding communication towers in the vicinity. Right you are princess and as queen of the changelings it is up to me to find food for my subjects. Hey sparkle berry! Come watch me jump so high I touched the ceiling. Oh this is fun. My Children. You have traveled so far yet. The wickedness grows. It is no longer safe for you. Here come inside and rest, we will leave at dawn we have much to finish. Oh someone left their locker open. Let me see what I can find here. What will embarrass the perfect little princess. Is that all you've got? This is going to be fun. Bring it on