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This spot was one I recorded in my home studio and sent to the production company for final editing/mixing.

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enrolling in lbs. Financial credit unions. Online banking is easy. Your one time enrollment will give you access to both our online and mobile banking systems. From a computer, tablet or mobile device, visit L. B. S F C U dot org. Click on, sign up under our online banking box located near the middle of the page on the right, enter your social security number, account number and birthdate. Then select continue. A screen will display confirming the contact email you have on file with the credit union. Select continue. You are now asked to set up a user id and password. Follow the instructions on the page for the requirements and select continue once you have entered and confirmed your new user I. D. And password for security purposes. You cannot use your account number Social security number or birthdate as your user I. D. Read and accept the terms and conditions. Then select confirm and enroll to complete your enrollment. You have now completed enrollment. You will be directed back to the login page to enter your new user I. D. And password to access your account upon your first login or the login on any new device. You will be sent a one time pin to the email or mobile number on your account and required to enter that pin upon login. If you have joint owners on your account, encourage them to enroll separately so they have their own access to just the accounts there on with and without you. Yeah