A Calming Meditation



I meditate daily and recently have started applying my passion for meditation in to my voice acting.

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Hello. My name is Catherine, and I'm here today to guide you through very calming and relaxing meditation. First of all, sit back in your chair in an upright position, having your spine straight, tall and crowd have your feet planted on the floor in a very relaxed manner. Close your eyes and take a deep, relaxing breath. We're going to start off by focusing on thoughts. We all have thoughts. These air free floating thoughts come and go and we can't control them. Nor should we try to control them. What we need to do is be okay with, um to observe them and then come back and focus on our breathing. It seems like an easy thing to do, focusing on the breath. It's actually not easy, because when you're trying to focus, sometimes you might be trying too hard. The trick is actually to do it without trying that art, and to really just relax into it.