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We are Belasco, the next generation fund and fiduciary administrator from people to process. Everything we do is on point. The studio bricks. One could be built in minutes and just as easily dismantled and relocated should the need arise. Being a valued partner of Oracle, we're here to help you drive more revenue. B two B media brands need more to be able to connect with their audiences. More data, more insight, more technology, more people more value. Once Charlie is back at home, Ruby visits them to see how things are and to find out if they need anything. She listens to Charlie and Rose and hears about their emotional, physical and practical needs. It's now more important than ever to protect the environment, and you can help us at KB Snacks through our partnership with terror cycle In Europe, this investment ranks on an even footing with depositors. The only difference. This bond has an equity linked risk and return component. We say we don't have to wait that long, were already taking steps to accelerate the process. Welcome to the future. It's electric