Katie Reddin-Clancy - Animation Reel


Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (General)


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Here we are, Nelly. Remember? It's okay if you don't make a jump on your first try. Even your dad fell over sometimes. And he was the best show jumper in the stable. But I think I know how all the radioactive bunny's got out. That big red lever you told me not attach. I kind of pushed it with my butt fair. Oh, my darlings, this's absolutely fair. You stole what was rightfully mine, and I'm taking it back. Children, hold about Seattle Times glued to them? Not really. So you've already done it? Well, never mind. Yes, The message is very clear. You must banish the man who has your heart, The man you love, The prince, the prince. And yet you have to dump the prince. When I didn't find him, I kept searching on. I haven't been home since. I'll find him one day. Got it? Breathe. Joke, Booth. Now that sometimes people aren't what they seem you're not a child anymore. You can decide your future for yourself. This costume has muscles. I can't use my phone. And these tights make me look like a walking set of candy canes. Five year old kids kicked Rana like my legs on when you switch the lights on you with a toaster. Pretty great, huh? And definitely a design feature on not a tall because I don't know what I'm doing. Is this the end times? All I know is I'm glad this studio has sealed door way.