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The sample is about type 1 diabetes, its symptoms one should look out for and how it's different from type 2 diabetes

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good morning. Today, we're going to be discussing Type one diabetes. Type one. Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. The symptoms to look out for if you suspect you have Type one. Diabetes is weight loss, fatigue, numbing of the tongue, extreme thirst and frequent urination. If you have any of these symptoms, please contact a doctor immediately. Type one Diabetes is not caused by poor diet. It is genetic, and no home. Remedies such as cinnamon, as usually suggested, can cure this disease. Unlike Type two diabetes, type one diabetes is insulin dependent, meaning you require insulin for you to be able to control and manage your diabetes. Type one Diabetes has taken the lives of many people, so it is important that we all come together to make sure that the world is aware of Type one diabetes, as well as the symptoms to look out for. Is someone suspects they have Type one diabetes