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A montage of some Trump performances I had in projects for television, radio, and the internet.

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Kevin Barbary, you're fired. Let me tell you something. My health is astonishingly excellent. When you going to stop believing that something that isn't true? First of all, it is true. I'm right here. Oh, brother, you must think I'm stupid. Why are you from Iowa? It's the great Trump Kin. Charlie Brown. I'm turning the whole pumpkin patch into a casino. What do you think? Welcome to the 20 century Orange is the new black. I'm just here to make Halloween great again. It's the great Trump Kin. Charlie Brown. Nobody builds walls better than me. I will build a great Great Wall and I'll make Mexico pay for it. This is going to be huge. This is President Donald Trump. I gotta tell you, I endorse get bent TV. All the members of get bent TV were born in the U. S. A. Donald Trump is the Martian. I look out on this endless alien horizon and you know what I see At least seven Starbucks and one Spencer's gifts right off the bat, stuck on a planet with no atmosphere. Yeah, let me tell you, Jeb Bush would love it. Smaller than Earth. Yeah, but only slightly bigger than Rosie O'Donnell. She's disgusting. During the Christmas season, we talk about all the big story. You mean me? Of course. So I mean hot local stories and topics from terrorism to terrific Christmas song. I like that. Whether goes Trot Trump, Trump Trump, Atlanta Catch the Natural Truth nine to Noon right here on news radio 1067 It's huge. Donald Trump, Man of the people, The voice of the common man. That's me. Donald Trump speaks for you because Donald Trump is just like you. Absolutely like you. Donald Trump inherited millions of dollars from his rich developer father. My father was a great man like you. We have stupid people in office. I'm like a really smart person, Huge.