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Nestled in the rolling hills of the River Valley, this gracious home is a rare find from its era. It's beautifully adorned with French doors and a grand chandelier that any homeowner could fall in love with. Enjoy mornings filled with the sound of birdsong and evenings marveling at the breathtaking sunset. Corvette is the longest running sports car in American history. Every generation is tied together with distinctive features like the double digit tail lights and other styling cues. Chevrolet may have finally created an entirely new car that can hang in the big leagues. The James Gang could be ruthless. On December 7th, 18 69 the gang held up the Davies County Savings Bank in Gallatin, Missouri. The teller, John Sheets, was a former union officer who was involved in the death of bloody Bill Anderson. Jesse hated him and shot the man in the back of the head, making off with only $700. A $3000 reward was placed on their heads. Discover the freedom of adventure flying. The all new icon, a five amphibious light sport aircraft, is designed to take you to ah, whole new world of excitement. Prepare to redefine everything you thought about aviation. A tornado is a narrow, violently rotating column of air that extends from the base of a thunderstorm to the ground. Because wind is invisible, it's hard to see a tornado unless it forms a condensation funnel made up of water droplets, dust and debris. It was the summer of 18 17. John Bell was experiencing strange things around his family farm. They were awakened at night by knocking sounds chains being dragged through the house on stones being dropped on the floors. Eventually, this unseen force would speak and identify herself as Kate Batts, the Bell Witch.