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Here is the audio for my Earth Breeze Commercial! The audio quality decreases in a few spots because for those, I am using a different microphone and showcasing the product on camera. But for all the other sections, I am using my normal VO setup!

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here's the deal. Big companies don't want you to know the secret that's costing you money. Have you ever wondered why detergent caps are so big? Yeah, some do have marks on the cup, but I mean, it's so hard to know how much you really need. On average people use three times the amount needed due to this dirty trick. They don't want you to know, but the caps are intentionally oversized. That awkward heavy job. We'll dump in more soap than you actually need. Making you use more detergent and sending you back into the store to buy. Buy, buy. It's all about profit and we're the ones being fooled. Well, I've had it. So let me ask you, can you guess which one of these is the best detergent option? The answer is none of them. That's because liquid detergent can be up to 90 per percent water and 91% of the plastic jugs they come in won't get recycled. These products pose a health and environmental hazard. I mean, even powder detergent can put particles in the air that are dangerous to inhale. Truth is options for laundry detergent are messy, Wasteful and inconvenient, luckily there's something new earth breeze, it's gentle on your skin and on our planet. Easy affordable and life changing. So much so that over one million americans have already switched. This is not a laundry sheet. It's laundry detergent. Just throw the pre measured sheet into the wash and get an effective powerful clean without the tricks? No measuring no pouring, which means no oversized caps just compact 100% biodegradable plastic free packaging that gets delivered to your dorm via free carbon neutral shipping and it comes in fresh set or fragrance free. Come on tap below to try it for yourself. The switch is easy. Just check out the 40,000 plus five star reviews and if you don't love it, you will go get your money back, no return necessary. You'll be making a positive impact on the planet and your community because every purchase donates 10 loads to a charity organization, You'll be helping people in need just by doing your laundry. Let's come together and make a real difference, tap below in order. Today. Earth breeze clean laundry, no plastic jugs.