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sponsorship model. The sponsorship model identifies and illustrates the connection between the change Management Resource is the primary sponsor, and the broader Project team sponsorship model defines the governance and interaction between these key players. Just like team structures, there are advantages and disadvantages to various sponsor models. The intent, however, is the same to ensure all three elements necessary for project success. Project management, change management and leadership sponsorship, as depicted in the PCT model are intentionally addressed. Effective leadership in sponsorship involves not just the primary sponsor, but a coalition of sponsors and key stakeholders. All sponsors need to demonstrate specific change sponsorship competencies. All sponsors could be depicted visually in a sponsor assessment diagram. Sponsors need to participate active invisibly throughout the project, build coalitions of sponsorship and communicate directly with employees about why the change is needed. Learning reflection. Why is a sponsorship model necessary? Sponsor connection to the team structure depicted in the sponsor model to find the governance and interaction between the project team and the change management team or resource is