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kim flirting with ethereum max ended up with a penalty worth $1.26 million. Recently Kim Kardashian settled Securities and Exchange commission charges that she failed to disclose a payment she received for advertising a crypto asset on her instagram feed. In june of last year, Kim wrote a post asking her approximately 250 million instagram followers. Are you into crypto? This is not financial advice, but sharing what my friends just told me about the ethereum max token. The regulator added that the post featured the hashtag ad and included a link to the ethereum max website, which gives users instructions about buying the tokens, investors who lost big money on an alleged scam sued her and other celebrities who promoted a theory of MAx including former NBA star paul pierce and superstar boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr The latter advertised the crypto during a boxing match against Logan paul, investors accused star Of artificially inflating the assets value. Yes guys, it's called pump and dump some lucky shots, earned a fortune on those who bought the crypto after celebrities pumped its price. Kardashian agreed to pay $1.26 million $1.8 billion Kim will cooperate with an ongoing investigation and has agreed did not promote any crypto for three years who will fool crypto hamsters. Now in a statement, a lawyer for Kardashian said, kim is pleased to have resolved the matter. According to Attorney Duncan Levin, the settlement helped Kardashian avoid a much more severe process that might have involved a deposition and document collection. He said it also gave the sec a chance to make an example of the star. The sec is interested in sending a message to other potential celebrity endorsers of securities to ensure their posts are not misconstrued as financial advice. The sec said that her failure to disclose the payment was a violation of federal securities laws. Kim agreed to pay $260,000 which includes the payment she received plus interest and the $1 million penalty, notably Congress passed a law many decades ago called the Securities Act and it was to protect the public part of that law says that if you tout a stock, you must disclose. If you're getting paid for those who still wonder if ethereum max is worth something. The ethereum copy paste lost 99% of its value. After celebrities pump the coin. I hope kim made a penny herself pumping the ship coin or else we can state that she's minus million dollars in crypto. Still better than my portfolio. But what did you think about this story? Was kim a victim of misleading corporation or did it intentionally? Don't forget to subscribe to seven pop show