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Corporate Narration E-Learning Product Training

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Voice Over • Video Narration


A single video script written and recorded to help train new customers on a special feature in a product

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
Once you've gotten the basics of terms and connectors searching, you can take your research to a deeper level of focus using advanced search forms in nexus. Before we get started, be sure to find our help center in the lower right of the screen to check out more helpful videos and support resources from the home page of NExus. Open the advanced search form by clicking the link under the search box. This page helps build boolean search queries with the added advantage of searching documents by segments like a citation of a case or the headline of a news article. The page defaults to search everything. Focus results by selecting other content and the search formal change according to the selection, a sample document showing the segments matching the selected content is located on the right with descriptions of the segments. While each form has different segments, all of them start with the term section, including a selection of the most popular connectors. To start building a search additional information on connectors and their use can be found on the right. We'll start building a new search by adding terms in the appropriate connector box and clicking the add button to place them in the search box above. Using the any box will search the terms entered adding the or connector for you scrolling down the page. Let's find news articles with certain terms in the headline as terms are entered into the segment boxes, they are automatically added to the search box along the top. When entering terms into the segment boxes, you'll also need to enter the appropriate connector, select additional search parameters as desired, such as a date range. Terms used in the search are highlighted in the results for quick review, safe searches and articles in a folder, or set up as an alert to share with colleagues and stakeholders.