Corporate Narration Compilation (Honda, Collegiate, Inspirational, Relatable)

Video Narration


Collection of booked work featured in corporate environments for trade shows, pitches, proposals and presentations for a range of Fortune 500 companies. Inspiring, evocative, clear, driven, professional, deep intense tones throughout.

CLIENTS: Accenture, Capgemini, University of Arkansas, Royal Caribbean, Honda

INDUSTRIES: corporate, business, college, university, travel, automotive

VOICE AGE: 30’s, 40’s, Middle Aged, 20’s, Millennial, Young Adult

ROLE: Announcer, Athlete, Business Woman, Executive, Friend, Generation X, Generation Y, Gen x, Gen Y, Girl Next Door, Host, Interviewer, Millennial, Mother, Motivational Speaker, Narrator, Presenter, Professional, Salesperson, Storyteller

ADDITIONAL TAGS: real, authentic, conversational, business, professional, sultry, sympathetic, expo, event, exciting, energetic, upbeat, relatable, friendly, genuine, wink, trustworthy, girl next door, enthusiastic, inviting, warm, rich, enigmatic, mysterious, mature, natural, narrator, expert, intelligent, clear, technical, cool, new, technology, product demo, upbeat, happy, warm, inviting, motherly, fashionista, dramatic, intense, sarcastic, relaxing, soothing, low key, instructor, demonstration, powerful, helpful, mysterious, everyday, typical, approachable, personable, sincere, genuine, honest, bold, strong, active, dynamic, educational, leader, teacher, recruiter, youthful, active, charismatic, cool, tough, relatable, irreverent, attitude, bold, casual, challenging, deep, edgy, gravelly, grizzled, husky, vocal fry, raspy, inspirational, inspiring, low pitched, slow, rugged, strong, powerful, motivational, badass

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Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US Midwest- Chicago, Great Lakes)


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you and I are so much alike. We dream we hope we love the fire. Burning deep inside our belly is unstoppable. Each year, experts try to predict when peak bloom will occur. This is when most of the cherry blossoms are open. A sun peeks over the horizon. The University of Arkansas system is giving rise to greatness. Ultimately, service means a dutiful commitment to creating a foundation that allows royal Caribbean to pioneer exceptional experiences. And for that we are at your service and in portal designed for the digital business needs. Honda dealers face today to address the future wants of the customers of tomorrow and in portal design for joy.