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Whiteboard business presentation for ASL through Waxworks Creative Cambridge Ontario

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Have you ever thought there has to be a better way into Canada, a better way to ship your product toe warehouse and distributed a better and more affordable way to deliver to your Canadian customers while making more money with less hassle? What you need is someone with the experience and knowledge of how to protect your brand and get it to market. It all seems so complex and time consuming, coordinating all the different activities. All you need is someone to bring it all together and deliver the right product to the right place at the right time, in the right condition with the right attitude. Sounds like a job for a group with a superhero attitude. That's exactly what S L is Way will protect your supply chain in Canada. S l knows Lay of the land, the ins and outs Compliance with Canadian retailers has its own fleet of trucks going where you need to go as its own network of warehousing and distribution and can work the way you want to work and deliver to your customers. Front Door SL has well over five decades of experience helping companies into and throughout Canada, and has options for you to consider for inbound shipments, whether it's lt l courier or Truckload SL between its asset based fleet as well as its non acid service offerings can optimize getting your product into Canada efficiently for interest. Canadian Shipping whether it's courier lt L truckload or specialized final mile, including white glove deliveries between our own trucks as well as our strategic partners. SL engineers The most effective solution to balance quality and cost in certain specialized situations. Cross docking or extended cross docking can be the most effective solution. You can avoid the need for multiple warehouse. Just shift SL, who will expertly prepare the freight to comply with your customers requirements way. Understand your consign, ease and bring it all together way. Do this at very competitive rates for intra Canada transportation for major North American manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Way No warehousing and fulfillment needs will be different for every customer. To protect your supply chain, SL assures ah, high degree of inventory and pick accuracy with our experience, people and processes and our state of the art warehouse logistics management system. With online sales an Omni Channel retailing growing exponentially, we go the extra mile for you from receiving the Web order to place in it into your customer's hands. SL's e Commerce services go that extra mile with integrated warehousing and distribution. We receive store, package and ship to your online consumer. KSL will be your brand ambassador for your residential and home and office fulfillment needs, and we do it with industry leading speed and accuracy at an affordable price. So to do all this, it takes a superhero attitude someone you can trust to protect your supply chain by delivering the right product to the right place at the right time, in the right condition with the right attitude. Actually, you need a whole team of professionals with a superhero attitude with all of the experience, knowledge and drive for perfection SL is famous for when we say we've got your back. Well, you mean it. Give us a call to discover a better way to move your products