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This demo highlights a vocal approach to issues of sensitivity and essential information and the importance that its presented in a clear concise and understandable way

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as you can see we are inside the human body. I am what's known as a germ. It's my job to infect the human body and make it feel ill. I'm spread in a number of different ways. One of the most common ways I get around is person to person contact. When I'm living in one person's body and they touch another person. I sometimes jump to the new body Nate, she said, staring at the painted ceiling. It's miraculous Marilyn felt Nate's arms tighten around her waist and his chin rest on her head. I wanted to give you a room of your own a room where you could dress and dream and forget about the hospital. He was right. This was nothing like the hospital when Marilyn closed her eyes she didn't hear the drone of machines or the squeak of cart wheels needing Greece. This is the open M. R. I. Unit at the Jacob McKinley Medical Center. We are pleased to offer non claustrophobic state of the art diagnostic imaging. If you are a patient or physician calling to hear the results of an imaging session, please enter the patient code located at the top of your appointment sheet followed by the pound sign. If you would like directions to our facility press one. If you would like to schedule an appointment press two for questions about billing or insurance claims press three for business office press four