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In early 2014, a tectonics expedition from the Earth Observatory of Singapore traveled to Nepal to study one of the biggest faults on earth. The Fault reaches the surface at the feet of the Himalayas to 140 km south of Mount Everest and continues deep under the mountains. Singers and songwriters make their way to Nashville by the thousands each year carrying a guitar three chords in a dream, hoping only to be heard in a place where there is more live music than anywhere in the world noted for its hospitality and made famous ford sound. Nashville today is playing a whole new song. They swim the seas, build nests and trees and roam the earth. They are the majestic creatures of nature, committed to conservation through innovation and education. The SAn Diego Zoo nurtures the wonders of nature. This fault has generated many earthquakes throughout the ages. Some sections of the fault are yet to break, but many have already broken.