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Melodramatic , conversational , quirky , scientist , natural , Hollywood , husky , smooth , warm , informative , knowledgeable , teacher , dramatic , storytelling , authentic , real , edgy

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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domestic bliss tourney apart by a hail of gunfire. He had been shot at least one time in the head. Is this a random act of violence or something more sinister? Do you have any idea what happened here next on killer couples, whether it was Barbie dolls or comic books? If you look back at the fun things you collected as a kid, they're all tame compared to these from lots of famous people's hair to a giant ball of shoot gum. These are the weirdest collections in the world. Rolls Royce make some of the world's most luxurious cars. Whether it's diamond infused paint jobs or a hidden champagne chiller, it's no wonder they're best selling models come in at around $400,000. Rabbits breed fast and often. If Dr Oakley doesn't find the mail soon, Deborah could have her hands full. Debra's three newest rabbits are the top suspects. There's no immaculate conception and bunnies. We're gonna find the mail when a male is around. It's surprising to have a female rabbit that's not pregnant. There's always been a fascination with Hollywood stars, but what's more fascinating is the number of paparazzi is following and snapping pictures of these stars on the more controversial the better to ancient observers. The universe was made of five classical elements Earth, water, air fire and the fifth quintessence, or space. Aristotle believed the stars were made of this fifth element.