Scream within You

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Wrote it in my pen name John Braganza and provided Voice-Over to it.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) Indian (General)


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the scream within you scream. You do when hurt physically or mentally screaming, too. Then belittle. We all have screamed many a times in our lives, if afraid, excited, angry or in pain, or for many other reasons. But remember, this cream is only external. Ask yours. Does this kind of scream make any sense at all? It is also most counterproductive if directive in anger pause. But that is another scream. A scream waiting inside you, a scream you need to cultivate on. Make it Grow to Gauguin. 10 decibels. It has been waiting for years to be free. You have shackle it with your everyday status. Cool life. This cream is all your talent, creative powers, inherently living and breathing in it. It is a boundless ball of feral energy, ready to give you a ride to the treasure trove off the strength and believes you have. But you did not know you had. The external scream emanating from Milan's is just the rapper. The rial product is the one inside. Now, don't be shy. Don't pay heed to what others say. Just do not give a damn to pre oppressor. Free the scream inside you. The screen will lead into a new matrix the world has ever seen that you, Khun, Devil up propagate and prosper as an artist, a businessman, a writer, a social media star and actor Asado or anything you want to be remember this internal scream is timeless, priceless on limitless. It is silent on reciting in you. All you got to do is to harness aspire. She analyse it for succeeding in whatever you attempt scream the silent scream.