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Animation - CaringWays - Calm - Informative - Caring - Inspirational

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going through a health care crisis can be draining physically emotionally and financially, whether it's a cancer diagnosis, the decision to seek mental health or addiction treatment or an unexpected medical emergency, everyone knows what it's like to worry about their future. And many times people want to help but don't know what to do, enter caring ways, caring ways your network, a way to provide tangible support during your journey. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, caring ways is designed specifically for medical fundraising, allowing patients to use funds to pay medical bills directly, purchase prescriptions and cover other healthcare costs. You can also utilize the fund for therapy sessions and other self care needs that arise and our care car can even be used to cover everyday expenses such as groceries, transportation, housekeeping or lawn care. Starting a campaign is simple and secure, providing confidence to supporters that their donations are going to their intended use. Looking for a way to show your support, start a caring ways. Campaign for yourself or someone you know at caring ways dot com.