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I can do a wide range of characters including young boys, sultry woman, annoyed teenage girl, and even sad oysters!

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Teen (13-17)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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Okay, listen, this is my submission for the Gulf Poetry contest. So many boiled tears riding on the angry stream from the fountain of pain. Oh, yeah, that's really good. I'm submitting that once a student newspaper. It's amazing. I can get anything done in this repressive house and so tired of being called a nerd at school. So I'm giving myself a noon it. I've got it. Howard. The Impaler. Yeah, that's it. Okay. Got to get back to the library. I get it. Steve, you're a tough guy. You've been choked, shot in the arm until you're crazy As a couple of waltzing mice. Now, let's see you do something really tough. Like giving you kiss. I'll never forget. Why am I the only always serve that cat make? All the other oysters in my class are spitting pearls out left and right. Oh, I hate them. Little brother store, my Kama Sutra. That is not okay. I have to learn something before college. Look, I get it. No girls allowed in the tree house, but this isn't a regular girl. This is my mom, Monroe. As the official hall monitor of second grade, it is my duty to keep order and beasts are not orderly, plus their super scary looking look. I am the only one who can get in and out of those force fields without detection. End of discussion. We've only got three hours to infiltrate relationship.