2023 American English Female Narration, Documentary, Educational Demo

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:00 - Documentary sample
:27 - Video narration
:28 - Long form company promo
1:13 - Medical narration
1:39 - HR on-boarding narration

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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This is British explorer Percy Fawcett. He was last heard from here deep in the Amazon Rainforest in 1925. He was on his eighth expedition in the amazon and he had one objective to find the ruins of a lost city that he called Z. The idea was based on rumors that have circulated for centuries that there was once large cities filled with people deep in the amazon. But Fawcett had never found Z Or any other city. Research shows that most cybersecurity teams only have time and resources to investigate 4% of detected alerts. Security analysts are simply overwhelmed by the manual effort to analyze and correlate hundreds to thousands of daily security. This security response gap between detected and resolved events is growing rapidly, 41 million minutes. That's how many minutes on average, you'll be alive for some of those minutes. You'll spend eating, sleeping, running, learning and ultimately getting better at fight camp. You'll spend those minutes inspiring the fighter with them and being part of a movement that is changing people's lives every day. That means you're working with a team to build and develop innovative processes. Myelodysplastic syndrome, acute myeloid leukemia, MDS AML occurred in less than 1.5% of patients exposed to lin parsa mono therapy and the majority events had a fatal outcome. The duration of therapy and patients who developed secondary MDS AML varied from less than six months to greater than two years. All of these patients had previous chemotherapy with platinum agents and or other DNA damaging agents including radiotherapy. Mark works in HR legal. He handles a lot of complex situations that deal with compliance audits and disputes. Because Talley uses the Agreement cloud for all employee agreements, tally benefits from having all their employee data in a system that understands agreements. Mark goes to the agreement tab to access all the HR documents. Everything is organized in their agreement repository. All completed documents are filed in their respective folders. Mark chooses a folder to see all employment contracts.