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Here is a sample of a few TikToks I've created for PBS! These are informative, high energy and just one example of what I can provide.

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If you love San Antone as much as I do or you're just a really big fan of Jane Austen here are some fun facts you definitely should know before season two premieres. So Santa 10 was filmed in different parts of England, mainly in Bristol and Somerset. And while some scenes of the show were filmed in national trust estates like dirham park, most of the interior rooms like the assembly rooms and ballrooms were designed and built specifically for the show. For example, Lady Denham san martin house was built for the show and was partially inspired by James bond with its black marble and serpent figures. Even the main town was specially designed and built. In fact very little C. G. I was used in the making of the show. There are also multiple jane Austen easter eggs hidden throughout the series. For example, the word charlatan written on the side of a coach in season one would only be noticed by the extreme Austen fan. Even the food throughout the series had some sort of tied to jane Austen. This fruit mountain is a reference to pride and prejudice in total. There are 35 references to jane Austen in season one. How many do you think will be in season two? Have you ever heard of a culinary historian? I definitely had it until I was watching this video from PBS news hour when I discovered Michael, Twitty Michel was the first revolutionary in residence at colonial Williamsburg in 2017 in this role, Michael educated others on how race and culture impacted food in 18th century Virginia. While here, Michael participated in reenactments, tended to garden plots and even cooked alongside Chef Harold caldwell in an 18th century kitchen, bringing old school recipes to life. Michael is so passionate about the subject that he even wrote a book about it. Michael's book talks about ancestry, what he calls uncomfortable food and the legacy of the south. And it also serves as his memoir. He says his main goal from being a published author and a revolutionary and residents is just to explain how we as humans are all the same. If you want to learn more about Michael, twitty or other cultural educators. Head over to PBS dot org. Hey, y'all, I'm Madison and I work for PBS and in honor of women's history month, I'm going to give you a sneak peek of what it's like to work here and how I got started. So just like so many others, I went to college having no clue what I wanted to do. I started with my major at sports medicine, then I switched to nursing, then premed And then I got an internship at a magazine and that's when my life changed and I switched over to journalism. I graduated from James Madison University in 2018. My first job out of college was at National Geographic as basically an administrative assistant. And then from there I spent a year working as a digital reporter in Washington DC at one of their news stations. I knew I wanted to stay in the journalism field. But local news really just wasn't it for me. So I started applying elsewhere And that's when I found this job to be honest. When my manager interviewed me for the first time I couldn't even remember what the job was for. I just remember her being so excited the whole time and the job just sounding so interesting. Honestly one of the major things that sold me on the job was the short film festival. I love short films, I love managing programs and organizing events. So when my manager said that was part of the job I was immediately hooked. I started in february of 2020 and spent about a month in the office that's when Covid hit and everyone started working remote. So over the past two years I've been a remote PBS employee but it has been the best experience of my entire life and I'm being so genuine when I say that one of the main reasons I've enjoyed working here so much is because of my manager and I'm going to get sappy here. But her name's Taryn and she is truly the most incredible manager I've ever had. And it's not just her though, the entire community within PBS has become like family to me and it's something that I truly appreciate especially in the world of Covid where you just have fewer connections. I still feel like even in this virtual environment I have coworkers that are actually my friends and who genuinely care about me. There are just so many incredible people that I work with that have made this job part of my life and have made me feel just appreciated and valued and special. And I wouldn't trade the past two years for anything. So that's my PBS story. It has been crazy. It has been a whirlwind. I've met incredible friends and I'm so thankful for the opportunity. And over the month of March we're going to continue to highlight female employees. So stay tuned.