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This procedure is virtually identical for iPhone 12 and 12 pro models. However, the number and types of screws on the cowlings as well as the torque settings for the screws are different. You should wear nitrile gloves during this procedure to prevent contamination of the camera lands, avoid touching the true depth camera and nearby components, especially the grounding springs, remove and discard the screws from the camera cowling. Hold your finger on the cowling as you remove the center screw. Last lift the cowling from the left side, remove it and save it for re use disconnect the two camera flex connectors, gently hold the flexed connectors together and lift the camera out of the enclosure for replacement. Keep the camera pointed down as you remove the lance cap, position the replacement camera over the enclosure. See the camera in the enclosure, gently press it to verify that it's properly seated, connect the camera flex connectors to the logic board, check that they are properly seated, reinstall the camera cowing, positioned the tabs into the edge of the enclosure.