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'Limiting Beliefs' by Manos Cizek

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Here I read a poem from my forthcoming poetry collection

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North American, US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes), US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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limiting beliefs, I'll tell you a limiting belief. The contents of my wallet, the deposit in my bank account, my citizenship, my nationality, my gender, the color of my skin. That's a limiting belief where I was born when I was born and from whom? That's a limiting belief. Where did I study and for how much and for how long and with who? That is also limiting belief. I will tell you a limiting belief what my name is and how smart I am. But most importantly, who's my daddy? That is certainly a limiting belief. A limiting belief is also the constitution. The new articles that were just voted that overwrite the old articles. That's a limiting belief. My immigration status is a limiting belief. My dispersed friends are a limiting belief. The death of my mother is a limiting belief. A limiting belief is the fact that I am born thousands of euros or dollars in debt. A limiting belief is that I can't even die without thousands being spent. I have to pay rent even when I'm dead now. That's a limiting belief, unemployment is a limiting belief, particularly youth unemployment, especially when it exceeds 50% of the population. That belief is quite limiting. What is also limiting is pension cuts and child mortality. Suicide rates rising along with strokes and mental illness. That is perhaps one of the most limiting beliefs of all. But to think that all of this is my fault and to blame my own pessimism or lack of vision for having to endure through all of that ship. Now, that is the most limiting belief of all. And it is not my limiting belief. It is your limiting belief, a belief that you'd gladly pass upon myself so that I can live the rest of my life in guilt and complacency. But I am not stupid nor a masochist. I have only one limiting belief, and that is the following. No matter how poor I am, no matter how hard you hit me, no matter how impossible life becomes. The one thing that I will make sure I will never lose is my dignity. And that is not a limiting belief. That is a liberating belief. And I wish that you to have that same freedom. Yeah.