V.O. DEMO OVERVIEW (Sultry, Narration, Black, American, British)

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Video Narration


Here is a demo sample of some of my tonalities, themes, and vocal ranges

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) North American (General)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
once upon a time in a magical kingdom surrounded by a vast valley. There lived a young Squire who dreamed of becoming a knight every day. The Squire carried out his daily duties patiently awaiting the day he could prove his worth and pass into knighthood. Do you remember having authentic italian pizza and Naples? The puffy charred crust, the excess flour on your fingertips, the smell of tomato slices and mozzarella, the scrumptious texture that melted in your mouth. Do you remember having pizza in Naples? Now make memories for your senses. Mhm. Travel this place is called the Black Forest for a reason, it's name is suiting everything here, reeks of rotten mold. By late afternoon the sun no longer shines through the mossy tree tops, feels like the night comes again as soon as it's left and with the night comes the forest creatures prepared with their unsaturated appetite for anything with a heartbeat, it's terrifying. Work life balance impossible, not anymore introducing we equilibrium productivity app that seamlessly brings together your personal and professional goals into a streamlined schedule that puts your dreams within reach downloaded for free at week Librium dot com today, do you remember climbing the wall of china, the incline of uneven stairs laid out before you? The strain on your legs as you complete a seven mile stretch uphill into Northwest Beijing, Seeing hundreds of other hikers and realizing you're standing on a 2000 year old masterpiece and walking together on a journey of a lifetime. Do you remember climbing the wall of china. No. Make memories for your senses, Travel