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Grounded and elevated performances for video games

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Young Adult (18-35)


Australian British (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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west of dispatch, canceled that ambulance call. Just send the coroner. How many more bodies are there? You got a big mouth, Their son. But this here's our town. Ain't no lawman gonna come. Save you. Now dig corporal Thompson you take point Edwards. Watch the rear. Use your night vision over Our coordinates. Should point to L. A. Dilemma. Where to here? But if you overlay the coordinates in the diary, 30 miles west, we've been looking in the wrong place. You look delicious, please. Just a taste, Explosions all around London. This hour as terrorists have seized control of Parliament. MI five is on scene. Stay tuned for further updates as they come in. Target locked on launch. Good hit minimum five K. I A cover me. Reloading enemies on right flank. 100 yards. I'm not scared of it. You wannabe sorcerer. Now let my sister go. Or they'll be held today? Sorry, sorry Hector. Pay head to braun shire. There. You'll find coleus. The elven lord. He may know more of the location of this sword. Oh my God, can you please not be touching that please? I just tuned her up for a new flight. You go. Now go. I'm the bad guy. You watch your home. Turn the glass with no accountability. Then tell me how you feel. A few 1000 lives more. Fair trade. 10 enemies remaining. 974. All enemies eliminated. You really couldn't wait, could you? You went to have it and still joined them up. You aren't so smart after all. We'll protect you. They'll never know about your abilities. Just a wonderful shot. He's only about 10 ft max from the cup.