Animation demo 2017

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My most recent animation/character demo

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They've been dreaming of this moment forever. And now it's here. I can hardly believe it. Please, I need your help. I'm at my wits end. I'd give you silly juice box, but my brother says I've got cooties. I just want to spend more time talking to the dark forces. But unfortunately, I have to be here in math class freak or something. You lied, Victor. You lied to me. You like toe, all of us. I really hope you'll do, OK, it's a really hard mission and really worried about you. I got this son of a ***** covered. Mama, you just say the word and I'll blow him to hail toe. Understand? Life. You must first understand death. Well, I got a backup plan right here. Yeah, me Pigs? Yeah. Taken May alive. I'm not a murderer. Just have an unusual hobby, that's all. That's what sets you apart. But it also what's gonna hold you back here? Scum on the bottom of our boots? Just don't think they meet your needs any more bobbies. You need his younger woman. Maybe a cute little three month old You to come with me. I would never been able to do this without you. Thank you.