Character Demo 2 Min



A longer showcase of even more variety of robust characters that can be used in TV, videogames, audiobooks, animations, and some commercials.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) German North American (General) Russian


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
I was a homely looking olive when I was born. Not ugly, but homelessness is next to nothingness If you're trying to be a handsome Lindsay Olives So I tried to change to become one of the beautiful olives. Congratulations on winning the election in leading our country to greatness. Mr. President, I don't know if it's slipped your mind, but I'm through being patient with you. I'll expose you as the fraud. You've always been blood. Good bone tears. These are the only currencies I except for debts owed. Now put the gun down and keep playing or leave. Well, you still have a chance. I can hardly move because it will sense me. I am doomed. I know this for certain. Let me tell you something and not that you're gonna like it If I strip away all of the meaning behind your coffee And these are words they're just things. Today seems like an exciting day. I wonder what I'll come across today A disappointing configuration of atoms. I have seen your future. You die. Those will be perfect, fishy and smelly. Just how I like my food. Humans are not so bad sometimes just pay for your raspberry Slushee. Can I play some pinball as we leave? Grow up, Mel. What you get when you cross the hair of mule fits the body of an elephant, You'll get an even hairier elephant. A mamma's Suzy, would you care to trade one of your sandwiches for mine? No, Mr Marley. Christine Coil. Take that straw out of your ear. An extinct race once for the sword with the power to wound me. Notice I said extinct. Oh, hello, color. What can I do for you? Oh, you want that song played again? Here we go.