Audiobook - F - Fantasy - Monologue of a Madman - British



The recorded monologue of a madman found dead in the dungeons of the Imperial City.

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Senior (55+)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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dreams. They are the most mystifying of all things in the magical realm, the most unfathomable, the most sinister for in my dreams I feel 1000 pains I saw but 1000 woes. I indulge in 1000 pleasures. They often feel more real than life. Yes, they are nothing. When I wake, they are nothing. Dreams encompass all that I have experienced in my life, both sensory and through thought. Whilst at the same time a dream is capable of forming new experience who has not remembered a dream they once had in the waking world. Then the thought of it so much They dreamed of that dream once again. But they dreamed of it as they thought of it as a dream. Oh, such strange madness it is. Why may I not just sleep close my eyes then wake with the nights past? Why must I leave this strange world to another ever stranger? The world that I have made and diluted and disrupted, mangled and perverted the world Oh, perhaps many wild, infinite worlds entirely of my own yet of which I have no control. A wise man once said every man is king of his own mind. I disagree. Oh, how I disagree Or dreaming only involves the mind. And dreaming is madness of madness. There can be no control. Death beckons me forth. A promise to end the dreams. But what if it lies? What if to die is to dream the dream forever?