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How do we generate power? Since its discovery, electricity has revolutionized everyday life. We rely on it to power our homes, businesses and communities. Almost 200 years ago, the first electric generator used a small magnet and metal coil to produce an electric current. We still use the same basic process today, but on a massive scale. The electricity we rely on is produced by turbines. As they spin, they convert this mechanical energy into electrical energy. This is coffee, coffee that dares to be different and colors outside the lines. Coffee that doesn't have a curfew. Coffee that gets you talking, not turning thes rivers, lakes, streams are gifts to be cherished. They seem so powerful comment. But their fragile remember their fragile explorer. This is your home, and you hold its future in the palm of your hand. Welcome to the modern world of forced out here. Your commute looks a little different. Your desk is wherever you wanted to be. When you work wild, you could spend your days playing with technology, extracting chemicals from five for virtually mapping forests