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Over the last few decades, Nashville has become more modern, diverse and cosmopolitan. But at its core it remains the blue collar, honky tonk Capital of America, with down home barbecue, late night bars and the best country music venues in the world. Nobody in baseball history has seen more of baseball history. Then Vin Scully, long time announcer for the Dodgers, called his first game at Evitts Field back in 1950. Playing second base that day was Jackie Robinson, only a few years after he broke the color barrier. Over the next 65 years, Vin would see it all, and he would tell us about it with more grace and humor than anyone who ever sat in the booth. People assume that lions are the most fearsome big cats, probably because of the whole king of the jungle title. But the truth is, tigers are bigger, faster and much stronger than lions. In fact, not only can tigers take down bigger prey than lions, they can do it all by themselves, whereas lions need to hunt in packs. The engine moves the plane forward at blistering speeds, but it's the wings that keep the plane in the air. As air moves over the curved upper surface of the wings and area of low pressure is created. This is called lift, and so long as there is moving over the wings of the plane, is able to stay aloft.