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this Harvard medical study, Andros Ophelia shows that the progeny of male flies briefly fed a diet with abnormally high or low sugar levels, are more susceptible to obesity. The data suggests that epigenetic susceptibility factors are at play not only in flies but in humans and mice as well. While the data is relatively conclusive, it gives rise to questions of moral hazard that will be explored later in the section of the program. It's instructive to compare our preparations for epidemics with our preparations for another sort of global threat war. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. NATO has a mobile unit that is ready to deploy quickly. Although the system is not perfect. NATO countries participate in joint exercises in which they work out logistics, such as how fuel and food will be provided, what language they will speak and what radio frequencies will be used. A few, if any, such measures are in place for response to an epidemic. The world does not fund any organization to manage the broad set of coordinated activities required in an epidemic, the last serious simulation of an epidemic in the United States. The dark winter exercise took place in 2001. And few countries have met their commitments under the international health regulations, which were adopted by the United Nations after the 2000 to 2003 outbreak of the severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS and were intended to improve the world's ability to prevent and contain outbreaks.