African American Female-Neutral Accent, Warm, Conversational, Humorous

Radio Ad


This Commercial Demo features an African American Female Voice Actor with a Neutral American accent. She is Warm, Friendly, Conversational, and has a sense of humor and great timing. Products include: Family Activities, Healthcare, Video Game Promotion, and Travel.

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Vocal Characteristics




North American (General)


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you know what starts soon? School and soccer and dance. Oh and fan practice. Whatever can help me get my family ready. I'll take it. Doesn't he know that Latinos? Pizza rolls are the best way to earn double XP and Call of duty. Let's get out of here. Bringing healthy opportunities to our communities is easier when we're pulling together. See the real stories at pulling together. Mn dot com. I hear unison Health plan is changing. I know with unison I get dental benefits when I was a new member, I even got rewards when I saw my doctor, I chose United Healthcare Community plan for the free diaper coupons for new moms and their babies. Target presents, target, free family day at the Woodruff Arts Center, enjoy performances of middle school musical Children's Acting workshop from Alliance Theater and much more. Are you going to be up in ely this fall? I'm just saying if I come too early this fall, would we run into each other?