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If you are a leader, try to find the big, beautiful question for your organization or group. The forward looking vision question that everyone can rally around. Take this opportunity to work on. How might we question that? Encapsulates your organization's gold's dreams and vision for the future. Once you've devised your question, write it down. Tell your friends, Put it out there on social media. Share it any way you can. You'll be amazed at how people tend to support and help someone pursuing a beautiful question. If you want to share it with the readers of this book, there is a designated area on the website where I am posting an array of beautiful questions sent in by readers. Go to a more beautiful question dot com forward slash What's dash your dash? Beautiful dash Question. If you haven't thought of your question yet, go to the site and check out some of the questions others air pursuing. It may spark an idea. Most important, stay with your question. In the age of Google, we have come to expect instant answers to our questions, but the best questions the beautiful ones cannot be answered by Google. They require a different kind of search. Be willing to go on that journey of inquiry and try to enjoy working on your question, grappling with it, sleeping with it and just being in its engaging company.