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Voice Over • Animation


This animation was used to encourage business participation in a local Caribbean survey

Vocal Characteristics


English (Caribbean)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)




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your voice is powerful. It can share information. Communicate needs a fact vital change, just like your voice. Data is a powerful tool. Data can provide useful information that is invaluable to your business. Different kinds of data can provide you with facts and figures on which you can base things like market assessments or your business is growth as well as capital management. You can use data to track your performance against industry averages and evaluate expansion goals. You can also use it to prepare business plans for investors, outline marketing strategies and so much more. To help you realise these benefits. We at the National Statistics Office or the NSO need data and to obtain data we need to hear from your business. Here's how it works. We send surveys to all kinds of companies and enterprises on a regular basis. Your business will receive the survey question via email, direct delivery or post. Don't worry, the survey is completely confidential. Your identity is separated from your information and never reattached the data that businesses like yours provided these surveys play a major role in our lives. It helps governments make decisions about all kinds of things, like infrastructure trade policies on the economy. But most importantly, it all comes back to you after the an Esso processes the data. The aggregated statistics are at your disposal. Your member state is part of an O. C s economic union. The data we receive guide regional agencies and institutions like the O. E. C s commission as well as the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank. The results of these surveys can help them to design appropriate policy for a single space. Completing and survey is a small investment of your time, but it's a huge investment in the future and strength of your business. And when our business is our strong, our national and regional economy are strong. So speak up. Send us your data on make sure we hear your voice.