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Christmas is just around the corner. You might be stuck on that one person. What do you give the person who has everything, anyway? Blood water can relate to that question. When we visit our friends in Africa, they seem to have everything. They're rich and community surrounded by loving relationships and full of faith, joy and hope. So as we enter into a season that seems so centered on gift giving, we wonder what we could do for these friends who have so much of the things that really matter well, one thing is water. Clean water is essential to a healthy living and blood water partners with local experts to ensure that any time water is provided to a community, it is done alongside sanitation and hygiene training to maximise the health benefits of that water. And all of that could be done for the cost of a night Out of the movies join blood water, and together we will share the gift of clean water, sanitation and hygiene training. Learn more at blood water dot org's slash Christmas. That's blood water dot org's slash Christmas Blood water is a ministry impact partner