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I have voiced for over 2,000 commercials and videos for brands, large and small, all over the world. Bring that \"Guy Next Door\" familiarity to your next explainer video!

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Young Adult (18-35)


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more than 10% of the population is diabetic and almost half did not even know it. Over 10% is some degree of macular degeneration in patients over 50. This percentage can double or even triple Ginger is so advanced that even modern medicine doesn't know exactly all of the good things it does. But even the biggest skeptics agree that ginger and tummies air BFF's electric vehicles. They're cool. They're fast, they're sustainable. But what if your battery runs out before you've reached your destination? Some things we all share online. Funny emails, pictures of cats, interesting videos. But when it comes to secure confidential documents, that's not for the world to see. In this video, we'll explain what dimensional weight is. Dimensional Weight is also referred to as dim weight, volumetric weight or cubed. Wait the water pik water Flossie is the easy and most effective way to clean between teeth. Before using your Cordless water flosser, you will need to charge the unit