First Contact - Will We Be We Ready?

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Video is featured on the Alwayz Lucid YouTube channel.

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welcome. Always listen. Travellers US 7.9 billion human beings during this time in 2021 and approximately 8.7 million known species on earth. That's an abundant amount of life on such a small blue planet. When you say the distance from the earth to the sun is perfect and balance his whole life, the distance is so perfect that any closer or further away and life as we know it will be very different. The estimated probability of you being born as human is one in 400 trillion. You see plenty. Your life is truly American. Creation itself in the whole universe is a miracle. Divine intelligence governs all, and humankind's forever quest for attaining the knowledge to know thyself is forever unfolding unto the individual seeker toe. Uncover more and more each day like peeling layers, often under each of us playing out a unique role in society and consciousness as a home. But we have to ask ourselves, Are we alone in this vast galaxy? Not to mention the infinite space of the universe off what's observable list, but other, any more intelligent beings out there other than ourselves? If so, would they be similar? Tow us what? They have access to greater technologies compared to what we currently use. Could they be more consciously aware? What could we learn from each other if we were to befriend another intelligent life forms from another planet? Yeah, as we Glenn's to this guy's in the vast space of our galaxy. Scientists now reveal that there could be four billion Earthlike planets like ours. I could potentially be sustaining intelligent life like on Earth. Could that be? But the life like ours out. It's more than possible. Have intelligent beings already been visiting us here on Earth? Did they already make the first contact with this thousands of years ago? Do they today walk among us, blending into our society, learning from all of our triumphs and our mistakes? Have they been visiting us within our dreams? Fifth dimensional beings communicating with our individual astral experiences have been shaping mankind's evolution for a lot longer than we realise. Guiding our greatest technological advances to propel our evolution at a greater pace have otherworldly technologies that we can't even comprehend being kept hidden from the public eyes. How come way are still in the dark with their existence. Are we not ready to meet our new found friends? Or maybe old friends that we have forgotten? There is one thing for certain. They are extremely curious off us. On a is my kind, ready to make that leap? The greatest leap in all of creation to unify as one. It is not just 7.9 billion humans on our planet. But with all off, the creation has won. Could this be the one chance we get to make things right again to fix our society for the better? For a better world? Are we ready for contact? Full disclosure is imminent. A making official contact with intelligent life from another world is inevitable. It is just simply a matter oftime. The real question is way. Be ready.