What Will You Dream Next? (Short Documentary Narration)

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I scripted, recorded, edited, all you hear. As well as the final SFX and compression for the end result of the mastered vocal. Additionally, I added background music for extra ambiance to bring about more of an emotional connection to the listener/viewer. This video features on Alwayz Lucid YouTube.

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e. I know what you're thinking. It's been a while on your right. Life can do that sometimes when you least expect it. It seems to challenge you when you were at your weakest moments. In fact, is the world needs not just one of us, but every one of us to come together and stand stand for what we believe in. Whatever that means for you, be kind to others when they least expect it. Smell to those that need to see your light dream as deeply as you can yet remain awake at all times. Be kind to those that hurt you the most. Be honourable to those standards you so believe onto yourself. Love yourself more than you did from the day before. Reflect on the past and not be consumed by a glance into your future with hope and excitement, it's staying forever grounded in the present. Always Lucid was not just created for dreams. To dream consciously, always lucid was also created to redefine what it means to be human again. To bring purpose to those we meet to those we care about into those we won't ever meet is to remind us to dream awake Ahs We did all those years ago, Teo ****, To get stronger, to become laser focused, to become whole again to forgive our so called enemies on ourselves To be more conscious on shine your light wherever darkness creeps on DH shining a torch for others to follow If they are lost in a dream once, Tom, that we really need each other right now. And she was right time couldn't be more perfect Time is now The time can only be now way past my monster wass When I dream I won't know I'm dreaming And now today I repeat and say When I live I will know I'm living You see, I'm a different tier We'll learn together way step together in a unique expression yet still from the same source that created us S Let's learn how to live again together once again before it's too late to live on the human beings rather than humans killing to thrive and be human beings rather than humans striving to love and be joyous human beings rather than humans crying way are stronger than we think we are. You are stronger than you think you are. So letters you not human beings on Without guides beside us on our dreams forever present A new door will rise Thiss is the final chapter. What will you dream next? Yeah.