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In this audiobook gig sample, I narrate the fascinating subject of brain development in youth.

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vestibular function underlies the several postural reflexes that pediatricians commonly test when assessing a newborn's neurological health. One example is the asymmetrical neck response which dr jane tests out on ANna and steve's baby timothy. Now one day old when dr jane turns timothy's head to the right, he extends his right arm and leg and he flexes the limbs on his left side. His vestibular system detects the sudden change in head position and commands limb adjustments that would maintain balance if timothy were standing Premature babies display this reflex by 35 weeks of gestation and it is well established by one month after birth, but by seven months it can no longer be elicited by a simple head turn. The reflex never totally disappears. However, even adults spontaneously adopt opposing flexion and extension to stabilize their posture during a sudden position change as when falling or jumping another vestibular reflexes, the traction response in which a newborn tries largely in vain to hold his head up when you pull him from lying to sitting, the vestibular system senses the forward movement of the head and triggers contraction of neck flexor muscles attempting to raise it to a vertical position, even though the neck muscles are not yet strong enough to do the job. This reflex is present and healthy babies by about 37 weeks of gestation